Hello and Welcome

to 25 Steps to Stress-Free Living: Life Management 101

This is a five week e-course based on the original teleclass “Life Management for  freedom” by Suzanne Arjona delivered via e-mail in 25 daily steps.

This course is designed for you as an individual.  This is not a one size fits all program with everyone following the same plan.  Your life does not fit into the same size and shape box that your neighbor’s life fits into. 

Your life may not fit into a box at all!

It is said that practice makes perfect.  It is also said that consistency builds habits.  When you decide to consistently practice your new habits, you will be back in control of and managing your own stress-free life.

In this course you will: 

♦ Learn the difference between Life Management and Time Management

♦ Identify your reasons for change

♦ Look at what you are doing

♦ Decide what you really want to do

♦ Start on the path toward your perfect life and learn to maintain your path

You will have access to worksheets and  private consultations with Suzanne to share thoughts and ideas as you work through this process.

NOTE: This course is delivered in HTML format only.  If you run an older version of AOL or other email program that does not recognize HTML formatted emails then you may want to consider finding  an alternative email address to receive this class.

 There are many free email services available (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)

For questions about the course, email the coach: suzanne (at) thelifewalk (dot) com